Our Team

CAI is proud of our data center commissioning team comprised of veterans of the Navy Nuclear Power Program and other highly qualified and motivated engineers. We assembled this team because they all have specialties in heat transfer and fluid flow, electrical power distribution, instrumentation and control, and they have a long record of conducting highly critical acceptance testing and startup testing. In short, this team knows testing.

Bench Strength

We have over 800+ agents globally, each trained and qualified to execute commissioning tests for our pharmaceutical clients. The skills and knowledge used in this industry are directly transferable to mission critical high performance environments. This brings a new dimension to data center commissioning other firms struggle with – agile response to customer needs. Simply stated, commissioning is what CAI was formed to do – it is our core competency. The following image illustrates the relationship between commissioning activities of data centers and activities for FDA regulated facilities.

Professional Development

We offer our clients personnel who exceed expectations in terms of technical competence, motivation, performance, and dedication to customer satisfaction.

Professional development starts from day one of employment and includes employee mentoring, formal & structured qualification, training, continuing education and other forms of life-long learning. It consists of knowledge acquisition and dissemination in certain technical areas, regulatory knowledge, industry knowledge, and business management / leadership. Professional development focuses on courses, seminars, certifications and in-house training that relates to improving job-related knowledge, skills, and general value to our customers and the Commissioning Agents’ knowledge management system. We develop individual expertise in targeted areas, provide resources to guide professional development decisions, and we maximize cross training of all personnel in a variety of areas to provide competent teams for project delivery.


Our Experience

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