An Overview of CAI’s Commissioning Process

  • Design Phase
    • Site Selection
    • OPR/BOD Review
    • Draft Cx Plan
    • 50% CD Review
    • Intro Specs
    • Design Review Page Turn
    • Envelope Kick-Off Meeting
    • Final Cx Plan
  • Construction Phase
    • Systems Cx Kickoff Meeting
    • Submittal Review
    • Envelope Mockup
    • Site Visits
    • Envelope Field Observations
    • Equipment Startup
    • Completion
    • Issue Resolution
    • TAB Verification
    • QA/QC
  • Acceptance Phase
    • Functional Performance Testing
    • Trend Data Collection
    • O&M Training
    • Issue Log Resolution
  • Warranty Phase
    • Interim Cx Report
    • Seasonal Testing
    • 10-Month Warranty Review
  • Operations
    • Final Cx Report
    • Maintenance Programs
    • O&M Procedures
    • DC Operations Training
    • Asset Management

It is important to recognize that our process does not diminish the responsibility of the system designers or installing contractors, nor is it intended to be a redundant testing or inspection function. Commissioning is performed to document and validate the efforts of the designers and contractors, ensuring that the quality of the systems meets the Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR) as documented by the Basis of Design (BOD).

  • We verify that building systems perform interactively according to the OPR, BOD and the Commissioning Plan of Record. CAI will spot check to identify any Single Points of Failures through a careful review of the construction drawings, specifications, and submittals.
  • We write the testing scripts/procedures to meet the client’s standards and needs.
  • We verify that applicable equipment and systems are installed properly and receive adequate quality checkout through careful site observation and verification of contractor’s quality control documentation.
    We chair weekly and daily testing meetings in support of the commissioning efforts as determined by the commissioning schedule.
  • We verify and document the mechanical and electrical systems function and interact as intended. This will be accomplished through witnessing and documenting at various phases of the commissioning program culminating in an Integrated Systems Test (IST). The IST will be conducted after all factory and field component/system quality control, start-up, and test procedures have been completed. The goal of this testing is to verify the operation, proper interdependencies, redundancies, and fail-safe operation of all critical systems. In short, this phase of commissioning is intended to verify that the emergency and redundant systems, which are interrelated in complex manners, will perform appropriately when called upon.
  • We develop and execute the testing procedures. Our test procedures are designed based on the risk-based approach mentioned. CAI will witness the system performance following operation normally by the subcontractors and/or vendors.

Our Services

  • Mission Critical Facility Cx

    • Existing Facility
    • New Facility
    • Continuous Commissioning
    • Building Envelope
    • Decommissioning
    • Construction Management
  • Data Center Cx

    • Design Review
    • FAT/FWT observation
    • QA/QC checks
    • Functional Performance Testing
    • Integrated Systems Testing
    • Equipment Operations
    • Warranty/ Seasonal Testing
    • Maintenance Development
  • Energy Engineering

    • Energy Improvement
    • Project SupportEnergy Management
    • Energy Auditing
    • Energy Monitoring and Trend Analysis
    • Building Energy Modeling
  • Sustainability

    • LEED
    • California Title 24
    • Green Buildings
    • Net zero Energy Building
    • Alternative Energy Solutions

Our Approach

Commissioning is a quality process which provides documented confirmation of proper installation and function of a facility’s systems and components as designed and specified. Commissioning ensures the facility meets the owner’s project requirements, the basis of design, and the intended operational needs.

The CAI difference is our experience in applying quality risk management principles to the startup and commissioning of FDA regulated facilities. We draw focus on that which is mission critical, while maintaining a holistic view of all required activities. When schedule challenges arise, we know what testing can and cannot be skipped, adjusted, or modified.

We feel this is a unique approach in high performance environment commissioning activities. By using a risk-based and scientific approach to data center commissioning, we will concentrate testing efforts on those systems that have the greatest impact on reliable data center operations. This results in a more thorough and cost effective process which saves both time and money for the customer.